Pawz Dog Boots: The Ultimate Summer Boot Buddy

Pawz Dog Boots: The Ultimate Summer Boot Buddy

Summer is here!!

When it comes to leaving your furry-best friend in the car, experienced pet owners are well aware of the dangers of heatstroke. People are less mindful of the surface temperature during the peak of summer. Just to make everyone aware, the temperature of asphalt and concrete can reach 125-140 degrees even when the ambient temperature is 75-85 degrees! Wearing Pawz Dog Boots will keep your dog safe from pad burns when the temperature is high. 

The X-Factor

Enjoying all that summer has to offer with your dog can be a lot of fun, but not when their paws are suffering from burns, cracks, blisters, and a lot of pain. We encourage you to spend more time outdoors with your dog, but you must take the following steps to preserve their paws:

  • It’s not safe for your pet’s paws if it’s too hot for your bare feet. To detect dangerously high temperatures, stand for at least 10 seconds.
  • Together, exercise in the hours immediately following sunrise and after nightfall. This will lessen the likelihood of your pet becoming hurt as a result of the hot ground. 
  • You are not required to avoid concrete during these hours. Walking on it at off-peak hours, in fact, can toughen thepads.
  • If you leave your pet outside during the warmest part of the day, make sure they have enough grass, shade, and water to drink.
  • Keep a close eye on their actions on a daily basis. Examine their feet and paws for any signs of injury. Any damage should be repaired as soon as possible.

Investment is always Wise

Investing in a good pair of dog shoes or booties is one of the greatest ways to keep your dog’s paws safe this summer.  Pawz Dog Boots come in 7 different colors and sizes for your dog. They are disposable after many wearings and are very inexpensive compared to the standard dog boots making them a very low cost, high impact investment in your dog’s good health.

While not all dogs easily accept wearing dog boots, those that don’t typically do wear Pawz rubber dog boots. This is because without a sole your dog feels the ground giving them a sense of security to accept wearing shoes. 

Apart from protecting your dog’s feet from scorching heat Pawz Dog Boots can also be used to protect against lawn care chemicals, allergies, dog run bacteria. Dogs can swim in them so they are also worn to protect plastic pool liners from being torn by your dog’s nails.  

Dogs sweat through their paw pads so it’s important to take off any footwear after a while. 

To protect paws this summer consider Pawz Dog Boots and the all-around protectionist offers. Other products to help your friend out this summer include MaxWax paw wax and conditioner and Sanipaw paw sanitizing and odor eliminating wipes and spray. 

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