Does Your Dog Need Rain Boots?

Does Your Dog Need Rain Boots?

Dog’s may look cute dressed up in a sweater or wearing a bowtie but dog boots are not about fashion. Pawwear performs the same vital role as your footwear. Hot, cold, wet or dirty paws need protection. You may think nature gave dogs all the protection they need, but even if that is true, nature doesn’t take into account that our dogs are bred to live in different climates than we live in and they certainly were not bred for hot pavement or snowmelt chemicals.

Does your dog look at you with those ‘don’t take me out there’ eyes when it’s raining? Rubber,  waterproof dog boots keep your dog’s paws protected and comfortable. Getting dog boots for your fur baby will solve this problem. Let’s talk about why.

Why Rain Boots?

First off, some dogs just don’t like getting their paws wet. Wearing boots will keep them comfortable and looking forward to their next walk. 

And though we don’t think about it, those puddles we walk through are mini cesspools, contaminated with toxins from the street or lawn chemicals.  There will be bacteria and fungus that will later cause their paws to smell like corn chips.  When your dog trots through harmful chemicals or pathogens, they might lick their paws afterward. To avoid these problems, rain dog boots are imperative. Made of waterproof rubber, Pawz Dog boots make the best rain boots. Made with biodegradable latex, they don’t slip or slide. They come in 7 sizes and will stay on when other types of dog boots do not.

Still, wondering why your dog needs rain boots? Well, then here are some pointers for you! 

  • Scrapes and cuts heal best when they are kept dry and clean. If your dog’s paws are injured, they can heal faster when your dog wears boots. But don’t leave them on your dog after your walk. They are not designed to be left on all day or night.
  • When the temperature is freezing out there, the dog boots can also protect your dog’s paws from snow buildup and frostbite. Dog boots can prevent the pads from getting chemical burns from the snowmelt chemicals.
  • If you are taking your dog for a hike after the rains, the dog booties can be a brilliant idea to walk through the rocks and rough terrain. 
  • Also, some dogs are extremely allergic to grass. The boots can minimize exposure to airborne pollen and prevent contact irritation from grass and weeds. 

Note that dog boots aren’t just for active dogs. When a dog starts to age, they start dragging their feet as they walk. This damages their paw pads, which is why many veterinarians recommend Pawz. 


Wearing dog rain boots may be the fashionable thing to do but it is their practical functionality that makes dog boots a must on rainy days.

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