Tips To Take Care Of Your Dog’s Paw In The Upcoming Rainy Season

Tips To Take Care Of Your Dog’s Paw In The Upcoming Rainy Season

It’s raining cats and dogs! That’s right, the rainy season is upon us. Some call it mud season, some monsoon season. But wherever you are in this dog-loving world there are a few things you can do to keep your dog’s paws safe from toxins and fungal conditions or hot spots.

There are a number of dangers, the moisture itself creates conditions on the paw ideal for funguses to thrive. Then there are the toxins that are found in the water.

The wet weather causes puddles to form often lifting toxins from the ground or pavement seen as rainbow swirls on the surface. That rainbow is caused by oil, PCBs, heavy metals, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds. None of which should get on your dog never mind ingested after licking their paws clean.

There are many things the pet owner can do to ensure their pet’s paws are not injured during this stressful weather. Do you want to take care of and prevent your furry friend’s paws during monsoon season? Here are a few pointers to help you.

#1 Keep Your Dogs Paws Clean & Dry

Infectious diseases like skin and ear contamination can be caused due to wet or unclean paws. Except for the paws, dogs have no sweat glands. Sweat, along with the humidity in the air, keeps this region moist. Sweat, when combined with filth and polluted water, may serve as a breeding environment for fungal and bacterial illnesses. As the dog scratches itself, germs and toxins from the paws spread to other regions of the body.

  • It is important to wipe and dry the paws after returning from a stroll in the sludge and rain. For keeping the paws clean and dry you may use New PawZ Sanipaw Daily Paw Spray & Wipes. These wipes and sprays are easy to use and sanitize your dog’s paws while protecting them from fungal or bacterial diseases. It kills bacteria, viruses, fungus, and odor! It can be used after every walk and protects your doggo’s paws in this upcoming rainy season.
  • Another option is PawZ Boots. These boots are biodegradable, reusable, rubber boots that come in a variety of sizes to fit all breeds. These dog booties are easy to put on and stay on. 

#2 Check Between the Toes

Simply cleaning the paws and paw pads is insufficient. Make sure the region between their toes is clean as well. This spot becomes moist and serves as a breeding bed for a variety of germs and fungus. Ticks thrive in this area, use Sanipaw wipes to clean the pads and in between the pads and toes.

Using the boots or the wax keeps the street off your dog’s feet. To prevent your doggo’s paws from unwanted bacterial and fungal infections, you may opt for Maxwax Paw Balm. Paw wax forms a hydrophobic barrier between your dog’s feet and the ground. It provides maximum protection and relief from the irritation suffered due to fungal and bacterial infections. It helps in keeping your doggo’s paws healthy in every season. Keep your dog’s paws clean, moisturized, and uninfected by using Maxwax Paw Balm.


Dogs may not care about getting wet but it is our responsibility to keep them safe and healthy. If the weather requires you to wear footgear your dog certainly needs it too. Think about the heat, the cold, the toxins your dog is walking on. Protect them with our line of paw care products. Pawz rubber dog boots come 12 in a pack and are biodegradable. You can also grab our MaxWax paw wax and conditioner and our Sanipaw paw sanitizing and odor eliminating wipes and spray.

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