Must Have Dog Boots For Summer

Must Have Dog Boots For Summer

Dogs and humans have been living together for more than 30,000 years. And while humans started wearing shoes to protect their feet from bacteria, viruses, and the scorching heat of the ground, dogs have presumably gotten by just fine using what nature provided them. And that might be true today if not for two important factors. The first is that people started migrating with their dogs placing warm weather breeds in cold climates and cold weather breeds in hot climates for which they are unsuited. And two, industrious humans created an environment that does not take into account our pet’s frailties. I am talking about burned pads on the hot blacktop in the summer or from pad destroying snow-melt chemicals used in the winter.

I’m not advocating for dogs to be in boots constantly like humans. That would not be right. But once you start to think about the world we created there are a lot of instances where dog boots are necessary.  

But there are still many people who are unfamiliar with the idea of dog boots and question the value. Well, it is true, dog’s paw pads are naturally designed to handle walking on rough surfaces and in different environments. However, your dog’s ability to handle extreme temperatures is still limited. Of course, your dog’s paw pads aren’t indestructible. They were designed to handle an extremely localized environment associated with their breed. Imagine a hairless Chinese Crested in frigid Siberia or a Husky in the heat of Hong Kong. Clearly the hairless is going to be susceptible to frostbite and the husky is going to roast its paws on the hot pavement.

Irrespective of whether you are at home or away with your dog, disposable rubber dog boots can save the day. As we go more places with our dogs, there is a greater need to protect them from the elements, both natural and man-made. Dog parents want their fur babies safe from the elements but they also want to be hygienic while allowing the dog to sleep on the bed. Our products help pet parents reach those goals.


Dog boots are often thought of as winter apparel but as discussed, hot pavement, sand, lawn care chemicals, and allergies are just some of the year-round uses for dog boots. Keeping your home or hotel clean and free of germs and viruses is an added advantage.


Summer Dangers

When the air temp is 85 degrees the asphalt can be 143! And dogs’ pads burn at temperatures over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. At 140 degrees there will be permanent damage and blistering at 150.


Additional Dangers Include:

  • Lawn care chemicals
  • Dog run illnesses
  • Bacteria, virus, and fungus
  • Allergies
  • Burrs
  • Sand Rash
  • Hot Sand
  • Rough pool surrounds


Pawz disposable rubber dog boots provide outstanding paw protection that your dog will accept wearing. That is because, without a sole, these booties allow your dog’s paws to feel the ground, providing a surefooted sense of security year-round. They come with 12 reusable boots per pack.

In addition to dog boots for hot pavement, here is some must-have gear to keep your dog safe and warm all summer. Read on to find out!


Paw Wax

Some of you are considering puppy boots for winter but some with more active dogs might opt for paw wax. MaxWax paw wax and condition creates a hydrophobic barrier that offers amazing protection against the elements. MaxWax paw wax is made with an all-natural beeswax formula that will keep your dog’s sensitive paws protected and moisturized. No more dry, cracked, and irritated pads. 


Spray and Wipes

Your dog steps in urine and all sorts of nasty “stuff” during their walk, then run around your house, jump up on your bed and curl up on your pillow. Enough said.

Well not quite. I bet you didn’t know that almost all dogs’ paws carry E.coli! And they track it all over. I know, gross right? There are many germs, viruses, and fungus that dogs carry on their paws. Inside Edition covered this topic very well with shocking lab results and mind-blowing UV blacklight images in this report Found on household dogs Bordetella, E.coli, Listeria, Pseudomonas, and Staph.


Sanipaw paw sanitizing and odor eliminating wipes and spray is the non-toxic solution to sanitizing your dog after walks or after mixing it up with a skunk. Use either the spray or the wipes as often as you wish anywhere on your dog you wish, including around the eyes to kill 99.999% of bacteria, virus fungus, and odor. It is completely safe and lickable. And works equally well on humans! Use it as a paw sanitizer or hand sanitizer after handling garlic…


The bottom line

We all want to be safe and warm during winters and your dog is no different. Dog lovers are some of the most generous people on earth. They share their food, bed, and heart with their fur babies. However, for the cold temperatures out there, you must get your dog comfy winter gear. Buy Pawz boots online, MaxWax paw balmSanipaw paw sanitizing, and odor eliminating wipes or spray and your dog will love you more. 

Searching for the best dog boots for summer or do you want to buy booties for dogs online? Find the best dog boots that stay on at Pawz Dog Boots. We are the world’s only disposable rubber dog boot and an industry leader for 16 years. Stop searching for where to buy boots for dog paws and buy now to keep your canine pal safe this summer.

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