Must-Have Dog Accessories For Winter

Must-Have Dog Accessories For Winter

Once the temperature starts to drop, it’s typical for humans to pull out their stash of winter wear, update their winter closet and dig the snow shovel out of the backyard. But, while we humans are at it, let’s not forget about our furry, four-legged friends. While many dogs are blessed with a thick fur coat, it isn’t always enough to keep them warm during the spine-chilling winters. 

For dogs, winter can be a tough season. The ice melt can hurt their paws and most dogs might often need Pawz rubber dog boots to go on a walk during the frigid winters. Why just winters? Dog boots for winter can offer a wide range of benefits if you take your dog running, hiking, or active training sessions. Boots can prevent your dog’s paws from getting cut and from getting burns or frostbite.

In addition to dog snow boots, here is some must-have gear to keep your dog safe and warm all winter. Read on to find out!


Dog Paw Wax

If you have a stubborn, adorable cutie at home who simply refuses to wear puppy boots for winter, the paw dog wax can be an excellent way to protect your dog’s paws from gravel, ice, and other painful things. Dog Paw wax is made with natural oils and waxes that can absorb quickly without leaving a stain on floors. By using a dog paw wax, you can keep your dog’s sensitive paws protected and moisturized. 


Spray and Wipes

Though we humans don’t go bare feet in the snow, what would you do when you go out without shoes? You would clean your feet.  Some dogs love being in the snow and they seem impervious to it. As observant pet owners, you must worry about keeping your dog’s paws clean as well. Dogs carry the street in their paws. So, instead of plain water opt for sprays and wipes to eliminate the germs off your dog’s feet and keep your pet clean. 


Rubber Dog Boots

Dog boots might look hilariously adorable. But jokes aside, the dog boots perform a necessary function. They protect your dog’s sensitive paws from the snow, ice as well as other cold-weather hazards such as salt and road chemicals.

Most people who are unfamiliar with the idea of dog boots wonder whether dog booties are really necessary. Well, dog’s paw pads are naturally designed to handle walking on rough surfaces and in different environments. However, your dog’s ability to handle extreme temperatures is still limited. Of course, your dog’s paw pads aren’t magical. They are no indestructible barriers between your dog’s foot and the world. 

The outside of your dog’s paws are protected by leathery thick skin and the inner layer is fatty shock absorbing skin. This doesn’t stop the paws from getting burned, cut, or irritated. That’s when the best dog snow boots can come in handy to protect your dog’s paws from the harsh weather out there. The Pawz waterproof dog boots are available in different hues altogether. So, you get a wide range of options in shades as well as sizes. 


The Bottom Line

Just like how you want to be toasty and warm during winters, your dog wants the same as well. Dog lovers are some of the most generous people on Earth. They share their food, bed, and heart with their fur babies. However, for the cold temperatures out there, you must get your dog comfy winter gear. Buy Pawz boots online, dog wax, balm wipes, or spray and keep your dog’s paws happy. 

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