How Dogs Can Positively Impact Your Mental Well Being

How Dogs Can Positively Impact Your Mental Well Being

Why have dogs earned the top spot on the pedestal as man’s best friend? 

Because the love, companionship, and support that they offer are unmatched. Scientific research has proven that canine companions cause changes to the brain’s neural pathways reducing depression and loneliness. In 2022, pet therapy trials are reporting dramatic effects, and dogs are known to usher in a calming aura with their unconditional love. And let’s not forget, dog’s don’t talk back.


A Brief History of the Canine-Human Relationship

Dogs and humans have evolved alongside each other, which is why they have always had a close connection. Back in those days when humans were still hunter-gatherers, maybe some wolves left their packs for humans, who regularly fed them leftover food. Canines have been the epicenter of human lives since time immemorial, however, the relationship between dogs and humans has evolved with each passing day. 


How can Dogs Improve your Mental Health?

  • Dogs offer unwavering support regardless of your mood. Their adorable low howls and the sound of paws pattering on the floor is an instant reminder that you are not alone. Their acceptance and affection can decrease feelings of isolation and loneliness and provide stability, and a sense of purpose. 
  • Do you know that being active for just 30 minutes a day can release endorphins that improve your mood and increase your happiness? Dogs foster improved physical activity. When you agree to your dog’s pleading stare to go out and explore the great outdoors, you don’t just walk your dog, you contribute to your own wellbeing. Besides, when you spend time outdoors, you can connect with nature, reduce stress, elevate your mood and boost your body’s Vitamin D intake. 
  • Owning a dog can also increase your social interaction. These adorable creatures are incredible socializers. They encourage you to connect and talk to other dog owners in the local community. Spending time with your dog can improve your social life and feeling of connectedness to your community.


Ways to Care for your Canine Friend

Caring for a canine friend provides so much more than happiness. Whether it is receiving a paw-five, or opening the door to the wagging tail and puppy eyes, caring for your dogs can positively impact your health and mental wellbeing for a more harmonious and healthier lifestyle. 

You can care for your dog in many ways. For one, you can keep them groomed. Feed them nutritious food and keep their paws protected with the right boots. You can always go for Pawz Dog Boots which are made up of natural biodegradable rubber. The boots are disposable, reusable, and available in different sizes and colors. Unlike the conventional dog boots, Pawz Dog Boots don’t have a sole so dogs can feel the ground which dogs really appreciate. They fit like a sock and the best part is they are also cost-effective. 

In addition to the boots, you can also get Max WaxSaniPaw spray, and wipes to add a barrier between your dog’s paws and the ground. 

So, Is it Time to Adopt a Canine Pal?

While it’s true that dogs require commitment and care, what you receive in return can not be compared. Before you jump into adopting a dog, ask yourself a few important questions like whether you can take care of the day-to-day responsibilities, and if you can afford the pesky medical expense. Make sure your dog’s activity level matches your own.  If you are making the commitment to adopt, ensure that you buy the right protective gear.

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