Significance Of Dog Boots For Summer

Significance Of Dog Boots For Summer

Do dogs need boots for summer? Yes, they do.

When the weather is excruciatingly hot, your dog’s paws need protection from the viciously hot ground. Particularly, when you are hiking with your dog or taking a long walk, dog boots can protect your canine friend from hot rocks, burs, boulders, and other debris that can harm their feet. Looking for disposable boots for your dog? Pawz Dog Boots can be your ultimate destination.


Protect your Dog from Heatstrokes with Pawz Dog Boots

While summer allows dog owners to spend extra time with their dogs, long summer days also cause heat stroke or hyperthermia in canines. Typically a dog’s body temperature is between 100.2 and 100.3 degrees F. When you take your dog for a walk or hike during the hot summer days, its cooling mechanisms are overwhelmed. The hot asphalt pavements and burning sidewalks pose the risk of casualties ranging from blisters to life-threatening conditions that lead to weakness, seizure, brain damage, collapse, coma, and even death. Do you know that when a dog’s body temperature reaches 109 degrees, its brain, heart, liver, and kidneys stop working?

Fortunately, you can save your dog from hyperthermia by getting boots that act as a barrier between the hot ground and their paws.

With biodegradable natural dog boots for summer, you can minimize the risks of heatstroke and make walking more comfortable for your dog. The 100% natural dog boots from Pawz fit like a sock. Without any external padding, your dog feels the ground in these boots.

The Pawz dog boots are available in seven sizes and they are non-slip. In addition, as the boots are non-slip, you don’t have to worry about the boots falling from their paws every now and then. Pawz Dog Boots are disposable and cost-effective. You don’t have to go mad every time your dog loses a pair of boots.  The boots keep paws, dirt, filth, mud, and urine off your dog’s feet without slipping or sliding on hard floors and they are easy to clean. 


The Bottom Line

Seeing your dog limping with blisters during the hot summer days can be heartbreaking. When you are preparing your dog for a walk, ensure to put on the best dog boots for summer that won’t fall off. Get natural rubber boots from Pawz to insulate your dog’s paws against the hot asphalt. Rely on natural rubber boots to keep your pet’s paws cool when the ground is burning hot. Also, there is a sitewide 20% discount for new customers, so make your first purchase before their inventory runs out of their best products.

Get the boots without any guilt now because the boots are made from sustainable rubber tree sap, which is a natural, bio-degradable material!

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