Choosing Dog Boots For Your Lifestyle

Choosing Dog Boots For Your Lifestyle

There are a number of different styles of dog boots available for dog owners. But for the purpose of this blog, I will focus on the two most common. The standard constructed boot with a rubber or plastic sole, a fabric upper secured with a Velcro strap or zipper, and the disposable rubber dog boot by Protex Pawz.


What to Consider When Choosing a Dog Boot

Your lifestyle and the activities you love will help determine which boot is right for your dog. When choosing a dog boot consider the type of outing you are going on. Are you going for a walk on the sidewalk, a run in the park, a long hike? Next, consider the terrain. Are you on pavement, a mountain trail, grass, snow, in water? And finally, what are you protecting your pet against? Is it abrasion, extreme temperatures, soil and germs, snow? Depending on your lifestyle you will need to consider waterproof boots, boots with a flexible sole, boots that stay on, and most of all, boots your dog will accept wearing. 

Standard Boot



Durable Don’t stay on


Dog can’t feel the ground



Pawz Disposable Rubber Boots



Dog feels the ground


Can still use nails

Stays on

Dogs accept them


May not stand up to zoomies

Like our feet, paws come in all shapes and sizes; and like shoes for humans all dog boots fit differently. Without having a sole, Pawz rubber dog boots are more about volume and have a more forgiving fit. If you are unsure between two sizes or borderline go with the larger size.

Irrespective of whether you are at home or on vacation with your dogs, dog boots can keep your pooch safe. Perhaps the road traveled are too much for your pup’s sensitive paws or the rocky trails can take a toll and the sand burrs can ruin your dog’s day. As a dog lover, when you see your dog lifting their tender paws, you know that they are hurting. It’s heartbreaking. If you want to keep your dog comfortable and safe you will need the right boots.


Get The Perfect Fit

Sizing is important. If the boots are too big, they will fall off. Once you select the right style of boot that best suits your adventures, you need to measure your dog’s paws to select the size. 

How to measure your dog’s paws?

For Pawz Disposable Rubber Dog Boots

Measure from the back of the large rear pad to the tip of the longest nail. Check the Size Chart on the website or the chart on the back panel on the packaging.

For Standard Constructed Boots

  1. Take a piece of paper, put it on the floor, and place one front paw of your dog on the paper.
  2. Lift the opposite front paw, so that all the weight falls onto the standing foot, which fully expands. 
  3. Then trace around your dog’s paw and measure the widest part of the outline.
  4. Follow the same steps with the back paw as sometimes the front and back paws are of different sizes. 


Concluding Lines

When your dog is not walked in boots, consider that they are walking through all sorts of nasty stuff. So when you get home you might want to sanitize the paws like we sanitize our hands. This will keep your friend from getting sick and keep bacteria and viruses out of your home. SaniPaw Spray and Sanipaw Wipes remove 99.99% of bacteria, virus, fungus, and odorBuy Pawz Boots and our other paw care products online for your pooch and create a wag-worthy moment. 

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