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The Secrets to Using Dog Boots

The Secrets to Using Dog Boots

The Secrets to Using Dog Boots

Hot, cold, wet, or dirty your dog will need rubber dog boots.  Pawz Dog Boots are the only disposable rubber dog boots without straps or a sole. These are also the only boots guaranteed to actually stay on. Dogs don’t mind wearing Pawz Boots because without a sole your dog feels the ground providing a sense of security. This is why dogs that won’t wear boots will wear Pawz.

Some pet owners say that their dogs won’t wear boots or they can’t get the boots on their dog. But it doesn’t have to be a challenge. With a little practice, both you and your dog will have an easy time. We are here to help! But first, let’s find out more about Pawz waterproof dog boots.


A Brief Overview of Pawz Dog Boots

Pawz disposable rubber dog boots come in packages of 12 and each boot can be worn many times. These boots can be re-used as long as they are not torn. How long they last depend a bit on the terrain and a bit on the dog’s activity level. They are easily cleaned with a moist towel, dried, and powdered with talc or cornstarch. You might think that rubber boots won’t keep your dogs’ paws warm but, like your hand in a dish glove, the dog’s body heat is retained.  As long as your dog’s paws are dry with no snowballs between their toes or snow-melt chemical burns, your dog will be happy. 


The Right Fit Matters

Unlike conventionally constructed boots, Pawz are less about the length and more a volume proposition. Choose from one of our seven sizes for a perfect fit. Measure from the tip of the longest nail to the back of the rear pad. You may have noticed that your dog’s front paws are larger than the rear. Choose the larger of the two for sizing. If the difference is extreme you might want to consider buying two sizes. Measure your dog’s paws before your purchase to find the right size. The boot should fit loose, but not floppy, around the paw and hold tight at the wrist. There is a size chart on our website https://pawzdogboots.com/ and on the back of the packaging.


pawz dog boots


Don’t Make a Fuss

The first few attempts are going to be challenging for both you and your dog. But with experience, you will get better at putting them on and your dog will relax and cooperate. Once your dog connects putting the boots on with going for a walk he will be more compliant. 

Here are some tips for your first time:

  1.  Put them on immediately before you go out. 
  2.  Project calm energy.
  3.  Stretch the top of the boot open as wide as possible. 
  4.  Slip the boot onto the paw up over the dewclaw.  
  5.  Once on, don’t make a big deal or take photos.  Just go straight out on your walk like usual.
  6.  Do not leave them on after the walk. Do not leave them on while your dog is not active. Do not leave them unsupervised.


If you find this method difficult you may want to try using a short tube wide enough to fit over the paw. Stretch the boot over the lip of the tube and slip over the paw until the boot is on. Then remove the tube and repeat three more times.

Here are some links to videos showing how to put on Pawz Dog Boots:


The Bottom Line

We know your dog’s first shoe fitting session can be quite the Cinderella experience, but Pawz dog boots are far more forgiving size-wise than a constructed boot. And once your pupper realizes that boots mean a walk the whole process will be easy. To safely navigate through salt, snow, and whatever else Mother Nature and humans throw at them buy Pawz boots online.


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