image“I just want to thank you for giving my dog his life back with the pawz boots”

Lisa and Bunkers


"I just want to thank you for giving my dog his life back with the pawz boots. He is a 12 year old Yorkie that has weak legs and was unable to walk any longer on our wood floors. We felt as though his quality of life was not good anymore. We tried a few other products with no success. I saw these and was hesitant that they would work or that he would hate wearing them. To my surprise he started walking, and even running playing with toys! It brought me to tears. Just when I thought all hope was gone, he was traveling around the house like he hasn't been able to in a very long time. Thank you for truly giving my dog his life back. ;)" Lisa

image 09.05.2016
imageThis product is amazing!


"This product really works! It has a nice smell and it is easy to apply. Make sure you cover the entire paw including in between the toes."

image 21.04.2016
imageSafespot Locking Leash to protect against reported dog thefts

Pierre the Dog and his human


"Our French Bulldog Pierre has an amazing temperament and is sweet and friendly, which is great except sadly there have been an influx of reported dognappings in the area (downtown toronto) lately and I'm afraid Pierre would be the type to just follow a dognapper home. This leash gives me the piece of mind to quickly run into a store to get something to eat if needed. I find as a mother of a newborn, the only time I can walk the dog is when I take the little one in her stroller with him, which also means that I risk someone taking him if I leave him tied to a fence post while I get a coffee with the baby. This leash gives me the ability to grab something quick to eat or drink and know that my dog will be safe from any dognapper. This is a great product and great value for the peace of mind I get from it. It's easy to use and the leash is enforced with a steal cable inside. Petland CA was incredible with my order. It was shipped within hours of the order being submitted. The leash arrived in 2 days, with a gift, a coupon, and a hand written thank you note. I will be buying any other products needed for Pierre from Petland CA."

image 20.04.2016
imageHe absolutely loves his boots.

Elaine and Divot (Canada)


"My little shitzu Divot has been wearing your boots for the last 3 winters .He absolutely loves his boots. He flies around the neighborhood at lightning speed.. Seriously thank you for your great product. Cheers."

image 07.03.2016
imagehappily ran outside, not just to do their business, but to have a short play session.

Sylvie and the German Sheperds


"We tried Pawz for the first time this past weekend. It was -20 F., and our two German Shepherds refused to go outside to do their business (who would blame them!). We picked up a package of Pawz, and were very surprised at how little resistance they showed, both to having them put on, and to walking in them. A few high steps initially, then they happily ran outside, not just to do their business, but to have a short play session. We will definitely keep these on hand for those super cold days."

image 16.02.2016
imageHe had no more issues walking!

Tina & Rocco from Michigan


"My sister recommended these boots for our dog Rocco. It is 16 degrees & he could barely walk. I put on a pair of pawz boots . He had no more issues walking! WE LOVE THE PRODUCT!"

image 12.02.2016
imageNever missed a step and ran up on the mounds of snow and didn’t sink and kept moving along

Marsha, Jay, Bandit and Daisy May


"I live in Virginia and we just had storm Jonas and received 25 inches of snow. We have two approx. 1 yr old Shih Tzus that we had to weather the storm with. I had purchased small orange Pawz a month or so ago in case they were needed and wasn't sure how our pups would react with something on their feet - especially Bandit as he is finicky. The first time on their paws and they lifted their paws awkwardly for like 5 seconds and then started running around inside. When we took them out, they never missed a step and ran up on the mounds of snow and didn't sink and kept moving along. Pawz are GREAT! We wouldn't let them walk around the block during this snow storm without having something on their feet so they and we are delighted you made such a neat product. Of course, they receive many comments about having orange booties and Bandit with red jacket and Daisy May with pink but it's still a fashion statement."Thank you from a very happy customer! "

image 02.02.2016
imageAmazing Product!

Annie Wright, DVM Medical Director - Maine Veterinary Medical Center


"Max Wax is such an amazing product!"

image 01.02.2016
imagePawz helped save my dog who was suffering anxiety.

Elizabeth and Dillion


"Pawz helped save my dog who was suffering anxiety. Here's how it happened.. We had just moved into a new house with hardwood floors (he had previously been on hardwood) but for some strange reason he was scared beyond belief at the new floors. He would creep from carpet to carpet. He had such bad anxiety about walking on the floor he would bunker down and actually try to dig in if you tried to help him across to his bed. He couldn't even come up to my room if he wanted to because he hadn't gone up stairs much and now at almost 6 was deathly afraid of them, not to mention they were hardwood. It was so sad and you could see the fear and worry in his eyes. He was scared to walk around almost everywhere in the house, since almost all of it is hardwood. I had seen these boots in the store before and got the idea that maybe the traction on his feet would give him the confident that he needed & let him know that it was okay to walk on the hardwood and to trust it, though it may be s lippery. After purchasing the boots and working with him for ONLY a day he was walking around no problem and even going up and down the hardwood stairs. He wore them for about two days and the fear is completely gone. Even though many people use these for winter conditions outside, they actually helped my dog conquer his fear and live a happy life in his new home. THANK YOU SO MUCH PAWZ!! "

image 01.02.2016
imageThe boots survive all of their antics!

Maureen & Harry Potter


"The boots are the best solution for our guys. We walk several miles every day with our dogs, including a long trek through the nearby woods. The boots survive all of their antics!"

image 29.01.2016